Turns out Im reading a manga rated mature. o_o

One my mum was going to see if it was at a bookstore to get it for me, too. :O

I found some copies of Spice & Wolf at Chapters in Halifax, and it was rated mature. o_o I read Spice & Wolf.

Shhhshshsshshshs Im still gonna read it. >.>

I havent seen anything really bad in it, soo..



I have homework to do and just.. ugh. >.<

And Im sick. ;=;

I have a cold or something, and its really bugging me.

My throat is dry, and sore, but I cant get it not dry or not sore no matter what I do, and Ive been sneezing and my nose is stuffed up. Ugh, stupid cold. >.<

Dang, I have to go. D: